Okino XAML Viewer (32-bit)

Okino XAML Viewer (32-bit) 2.0

Support for these container types: Canvas, Page, Model3D, Viewbox and Viewport3D

Features of the Okino XAML viewer include:
Loading of XAML 2D and 3D content files
The most important and critical feature is the custom Okino 3D interactive camera. WPF/XAML-3D is designed as a "presentation framework" and not as a 3D "interactive framework" which created a lot of headaches and work during the development of the Okino XAML viewer. The Okino 3D camera added to the scene upon import carefully and intelligently resizes itself around the imported object(s) so that rotations, scaling and translations occur intuitively from 2D mouse movement.

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